Between memory and reality – Dygoro Sasaki

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London is one of the most multicultural city in the world and, when I moved, I was really excited about the possibility of meeting Londoner artists. After a while, I can tell you that it’s not really easy, but, a couple of weeks ago I had the opportunity to meet Dygoro Sasaki, through a friend of mine (many thanks TaeHyung Kim!) and I attended his photo exhibition.
Dygo is an artist, not only a photographer, who is exploring the relationship between memory and reality, in the different way it’s perceived or distorted by different people and events. I really appreciated his ability to read between the lines & to let you think of the most “generic approach” in order to catch out the difference. What is memory? What is creation? What is destruction?
(Italian version)

1) How did you find out your passion for the photography & arts in general?
My arts & photography activities are not from passion. I am always thinking about artworks, very naturally from touching the moment of visions, sounds, words and thoughts. It is like a part of my life.

2) How important do you think it is to collaborate and share with other people?
I like collaboration, I think the artwork will be different from my own self created artwork. Sometimes it can be different from my own imagination, I am also introduced to different ideas. I also enjoy experimenting with other techniques and ideas.

3) Do you think that there’s a line of separation between the different arts? Or it’s just in our mind?
All arts intersect, I mean there are no real borders, it’s like a field of shapes in which the shapes are crossing with each other, and they connect and are linked by some of the parts in each movement.

4) How much are you influenced by London? And by Japan?
I was very interested in European art, but I felt my Japanese identity or background was very important after I moved to London. Because i feel the change, in which I am Japanese, more than when I was in Japan, and at the same time, I have also come to be interested in cross-cultures or mixing identities.

5) How do you find your inspirational paths?
I have paradoxes, conflicts or contradicting ideas, and the answers that are always looping endlessly. Then, the answers are gradually changing with the loops, like ripples, and some of the ripples are mixed to transform the looping scenarios or ideas. That’s why sometimes I make artwork that contradicts, but I believe the answers always change endlessly,


6) Where do you see yourself in 2-3 years?
I really want to have exhibitions all around the world, and to emphasise installations and live acts (live art) by using photography or visual elements.




(Italian Version)
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