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Another Italian in London? Yes, of course!
But here we promise you: he’s really different from all the other ones: Franko B!

1frankobitalianperformer) Why and how did you move to UK? Was it easier in London than in Italy also that time?
I come to the uk by accident .. why I left Italy? I simply escaped.

2) While I was at your exhibition and I was looking at your works, I felt a sense of anxiety, say that I was feeling that ropes also pierced on my body and not only on the wall. Was that feeling by the audience what you were looking for?
It’s your reaction to my work and not my intention. Which is fine.

3) Question about your past: why did you start violating your body? What was the main goal? And which is your current one?
I never violated my body. This is your projection / reading of it.

4) Your feelings when: a) you find the concept for your next performance, b) during the performance c) after a few days
I don’t remember.

5) Like you, also Marina Abramovich has used a lot her body to create particular feelings within the audience, to take it out of the common comfortability. Which are the main differences between you and her?
I don’t know, and it’s not my concern.frankobperformerfromItaly

6) What do you like best doing today in terms of arts?
Be myself.

7) How do you see generic performing arts today?
I don’t see it.


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