Sultan Bathery- Psychedelic Hinduism made in Vicenza

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Hello guys! Don’t worry, this time we’re not going to talk about International bands, well, maybe yes. But, let me explain this. They’re Italian, from Vicenza (our city!) but they took inspiration for their name from an Indian city, Sulan Bathery. Thanks to Slovenly recordings, their American label, they’ve been touring in USA but they’re also heading to London to play at The Shacklewell Arms in Dalston in a few days!
Of course, we felt that we had to ask a couple of things to Matteo (the drummer) ..and warn them against hipsters! 😀

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1- Italian Rolling Stones defines you as “one of the most promising Italian garage rock band” What do you think? Are they creating too much expectations?
To be honest, we don’t read Rolling Stones, but maybe could be they got it! We’ll leave the judgments to the audience. In Italy there are a lot of amazing bands playing Garage and they would deserve much more attention if compared to English or American ones, especially from specialist and press.

sultan-bathery-garage-rocknroll-Italian-band2- The most awful, awesome and craziest thing you’ve done while on tour..
The craziest was related to a group of punk rockers we met after a gig in Indianapolis. They invited us for an after party to go shooting in their basement!
Talking about the awesome one, Shannon Shaw of Shannon and the Clams came to us after our gig together in San Francisco with a envelope saying “ this is a little extra for you”. Well, I can’t say how much money there was inside, but it was the highest amount of money we’ve been paid for a gig in USA!
The most awful I would say when the American police stopped us in Oregon as our Bass player was looking at his mobile while driving, luckily they didn’t put us in jail!

3- The Shacklewell Arms is one of the most interesting pub in London for live music, even if sometimes it’s just an heaven for hipsters and extravaganza. Are you preparing some special effects?
We’re really happy to play in one of London music temples, it’s not something happening often. Regarding special effects, come to the gig and you’ll find out by yourself…
But, there’s something we’d like to talk about in advance. We’d like to dedicate this gig to Federica, a really close friend of us and fun, who died in a car accident last February. As many Italians she moved to London for a better future as she wanted a job in fashion but in a few moments that dream had blown away! [Learn more here, ndr]

Tweet: We’re happy to play in one of #London music temples,regarding special effects, come to the gig and you’ll find out by yourself! #music #gig


4 – There are many bands pretending to play psychedelic, garage & rock ‘n roll, but just proposing an-already-listened-a-million-of times-indie-pop. What do you think of them?
Unfortunately, “psychedelic, garage & rock ‘n roll” are concepts extremely popular right now and many band, festivals and venues are taking advantage of this. Anyway, you can find out really quickly when it’s just all bullshit, for example if they keep the delay live for all the concert. That doesn’t mean being psycho. We’re playing our own music, we don’t really care about others.

5- What does mean being promoted by an American label for you guys, coming from a tiny city like Vicenza, where music is just seen as a hobby and gigs are organised just to “have the right atmosphere”?
We’re really happy that we found Slovenly recordings, we have had the chance to travel a lot and see something different, In our tiny and boring city, the most important thing seems be sitting at a table in the main square and pretending to be fascinated by jazz music (even if in reality you don’t care).

6- You all have played with other bands in the past, what do you think will be different this time?
We started playing together without many expectations… and it’s funny seeing that we’ve recorded an EP and a full-length with Slovenly (there’s also a new single coming out this summer) and other 7″ releases for several other labels, two American tours, an European and a Spanish one, with a lot of gigs at festivals, most importantly the Primavera Sound!
We can already say that if compared to the past there’s a change..we hope to keep going like now, but who knows! Life is so unpredictable!

Tweet: Psychedelic, garage & #rocknroll are extremely popular concepts now and many bands, festivals and venues are taking advantage #sultanbathery

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