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Our new artist of the month is not a London based one, but he’s a stunning musician from Russia: Maskeliade. I saw him during one of his gigs in London and I fell in love, so I couldn’t miss the opportunity of introducing him to you!
He’s one of the first artists in the world who creates music and visuals with the leap motion gesture control technology, so he controls his music with his hands! Isn’t it fascinating?
He is the winner of Contemporary Art Awards for achievements in the field of electronic music and has performed at different venues (ranging from clubs to museums) around the world: New York, London, Paris, Lucerne, Stockholm, Moscow, including the biggest international festivals such as Glastonbury (UK), Fusion (DE), Pohoda (SK).
But let’s learn more about him.

Anton-Maskeliade-Richmix-London1) How do you define your genre? 
I call my music – ephemeral music – the music of the moment. Because each gig is full of improvisation and never sounds similar. While recording I operate according to the principle of ‘first takes.’ In other words, I always leave the initial, roughest pieces of a composition in the final edit. Its also a part of ephemeral philosophy.

Maskeliade-gig-electronic-music-hands-this-is-not-art-london2)Have you created everything by yourself? Video, samples, effects, etc..
Everything is created by me including music, samples, except cartoons. Most of them are really old (before Disney era). I’m playing with them creating new shapes and putting visuals effects that are synchronized with music and all my movements.

3)Which are your main albums?
My first LP album «Subtract the Silence of Myself » has been released in Russia in 2014.
You can find all my music on my website

4) I think the tendency of today’s music is towards multidisciplinary interactions within other support, primarily video. How about you?
I think the future of any art is about synthesis of different subjects. All disciplines will be collaborating with each other and develop the interaction of creativity. We live in the age of global multicultural interactions that let people all over the world enhance their senses and expand their minds through new experiences like interactions between visuals, music, context and etc.

5) Could you explain how your “music” works? As you explain on your concert in Richmix.
The Leap Motion controller is a small USB  device with two monochromatic IR cameras. It captures the hands` movements that happen above it. I programmed this device with software and let this device control my music and visuals. It means that for my each gesture – new sound and visual effect happen, they are synchronized. For example when I`m turning the right and left hands – cartoon partly disappears and I appear on the screen (through the webcam) with some deformations while the new sounds appear adding glitch noise to the track. And the whole set is consisted of these improvisation interactions when I`m playing with these effects, layers, jangling with sounds and glitching the cartoons.

Maskeliade Official Website
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