King Salami & the Cumberland Three: music suitable for vegetarians

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Hello everyone!
We’ve been petty busy in the last we’ve been on holiday! 😀
But now we’re back and before start unwrapping our plans for the next year, we’re very pleased to introduce you to King Salami & the Cumberland Three, London’s greatest and most sensational Rhythm’n’Blues-Punk band!

All coming from different backgrounds, The Cumberlands Three formed after Baconstrip (drummer) and Kamikaze U.T. (guitar) decided to create “a good time R&B part band”. King Salami is simply the one “having all the best dance moves”, and you’ll end up getting the impression King Salami And The Cumberland 3 is more than just a linear sum of its musical parts. “When we play, we want the mood to be fizzy dizzy and busy,” Baconstrip says.
But, let’s see what they told us after their gig at the Clerkenwell Festival!

King-salami-and-the-cumberland-live-at-clerkenwell-LondonHow did you end up playing together?
Eric Baconstrip & Kamikaze U.T. were in a punk rock band together, the CHINESE LUNGS, and when the band split up in 2006 ( when Jasper the singer moved to Germany to play with King Khan), they decided to do a rock and roll band. T-Bone Sanchez was Eric’s flatmate, so that was easy. They didn’t have a singer for a while, but that summer Eric went on holidays in the Caribeans and met Jimmy Pantzavolta who was working in a sandwich shop on the beach, he was playing loud rock’n roll and rockabilly music and lots of people were hanging around the hut (that was called “King Salami”) dancing and drinking everyday, because of the good music he played. Eric loved that, and went to talk to him, and Jimmy told him he was thinking of moving to London to play music. So that was it, 1 month later it was the beginning of King Salami & the Cumberland Three!

king-salami-and-the-cumberland-music-LondonWhich is your most amazing gig?
Our first gig, at Wormwood Scrubs Prison in 2006 was epic!

How long have you been playing together? What’s the secret?
King Salami And The Cumberland 3 started in april 2006 and have remained true to the band’s original party band ethos, with its musical style and general rock ’n’ roll aesthetic avowedly focused on good times. Attention-stealing dance moves dominate the band’s musical repertoire. The secret is that they all have “day jobs”, Baconstrip balances his rock ’n’ roll exploits with a career as a cartoon animator, Kamikaze working as a sushi chef, T-Bone as a male dancer and Pantzavolta, ahem, a tennis coach!

What’s the most amazing thing about playing rockabilly?
That we get invited to play all around the world, so we can try all sorts of amazing and diversified food, like deep fried sea horse on a stick in China, Locust salad in Australia, and raw tartare style donkey in Italy!!

Better a crispy bacon or a garlic sausage?
Everyday is a saturday to a dog! LESS BONE, MORE MEAT!!!

King Salami & Alessia Camera

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