Doppelgänger at Lewisham Art House: another community-led space worth a visit!

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4 thoughts on “Doppelgänger at Lewisham Art House: another community-led space worth a visit!”

  1. brigitte jurack says:

    Great review and taxing thoughts! Just to add : lightbox made by artist Alma Tischler-Wood.

    1. lilyzlloyd says:

      thanks Brigitte, I realise I did not mention Alma in the piece!

      1. Max says:

        This was a nice show and I really liked your write-up but your sloppiness in how you did not remedy your mistake undermines your credibility as a reviewer. Why? (You did acknowledge Brigitte’s inquiry but didn’t do anything about it). Your website still shows not one, but two pictures of Alma Tischler-Wood’s work here. I am sure you didn’t mean to leave her work uncredited but this is an online resource and can be changed.

        1. questanonearte says:

          Hi Max,
          you’re right and sorry about it. But we’re still in the process of upgrading the website so we’re involved in a lot of higher priorities things.
          We’ll change it soon!
          Thanks for mentioning it.

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