This is Not Art Festival 2017 in London – Call for artists

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This is Not Art Festival in London!

We’re extremely excited ’cause finally, after 4 years we’ve moved to London we’re finally organising a This is Not Art Festival in London!
Artists, musicians, performers..where are you? We’re looking for you!
What do we have in mind? In this article you’ll find all the info you’re looking for.

This is Not Art Festival 2017: what?

If you check in our website in the events section, you’ll see we’ve had a long history of organising those festivals, mainly in Italy.
When This is Not Art’s born, it’s been to give an opportunity to emerging artists to showcase their amazing stuff, out from the common path.
In italy, especially in Vicenza, there aren’t common path if you’re an artists: you don’t have much chances to show what you do.
That’s why we’ve decided to use non-coventional locations such as pubs, restaurants and more traditional hanging-out places to give artists locations and to reach out to the people, to let them understand art is for everyone, not just for the elites.

This is Not Art Festival 2017:
Liminal Boundaries

To choose the topic this year we’ve tried to come up with a meaning that is very related to both the city and all the artists we’ve met in London during our years here.
London is great, but there’s always something that it’s unclear. People, ideas, thoughts, habits. Boundaries are also unclear, it seems you’re free but in fact you’re not. There are so many things it seems you’re seeing things through a lens.
At one point you’re also asking yourselves if everything you see is real!

Culturally, artistically, mentally there are liminal boundaries. That’s why we thought this was the most interesting topic for our This is Not Art Festival in London!

This is Not Art Festival: call for artists and musicians

We’d love our This is Not Art Festival in London to become as diverse as possible.
That’s why this time we won’t just call friends of friends: those are the perks of living in London!
So, if you think you’re interested in taking part to our festival, here the details and please send us an email with all the info about you and what you do.
The only boundary is that you must be able to join the art festival on the 11th of November.

Closing date Thursday 18 August, please send proposals by email to:

The festival will be held at the Brookmill Pub in Deptford.

Link to the call for artists on Artjobs. 

The Brookmill Lewisham This is Not Art Festival London 2017

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