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Rainbow Collective – We all can do something!

We’re happy to introduce you to Rainbow Collective! Dear beloved audience, it’s a long time since my last post. I’m really sorry for that, I’ve been busy with a new job, but now I’m back. I would like to introduce you to some friends of


Maskeliade – "Hand" made electronic music

Our new artist of the month is not a London based one, but he’s a stunning musician from Russia: Maskeliade. I saw him during one of his gigs in London and I fell in love, so I couldn’t miss the opportunity of introducing him to you!


Timrek – A celebrity in Hackney Wick

We are glad to introduce you a celebrity from Hackney Wick, TIMREK! With the help of his mentor, Oliver Smart, Timrek is performing in the show Suitcase Circus with great success, especially in the children community! He’s always funny on the stage and we get


Abdoulaye Samb – The love of [cultural] mixing

A couple of weeks ago we went to an event to celebrate the independence of Senegal and we’ve been so enthusiastic about the atmosphere, the music and the people..that we couldn’t resist to interview the group we liked the most: Abdoulaye Samb We hope you’ll appreciate this interview


Asmita Shrish – Looking down on Earth

We are exploring more places in London, week by week, and we’ve been to Hackney Attic this time, at the Whirlygig Cinema, during a showcase of independent ‬filmmakers. We really loved all of them (especially because they were all women!!) and today we are pleased to introduce


8 questions journey into Georgian contemporary art

[This is the English version. Click here for the Italian one] One of the most amazing thing we love living in London is the bunch of opportunities you have if you want to learn a bit more about our world, being London much more than only


Theatre is as life: improvisation and discipline

Today’s title seems like something you might read from an old book about theatre. We’d like to share with you some key moments “QNéA” experienced in London’s theatres, focusing on the most amazing situation we’ve noted so far, during a class just a couple of