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Lighting Designer: The Art of Collaboration

  I think of myself as someone who plays well with others. I pride myself on my ability to collaborate. This quality hopefully makes me a good director, because the bedrock of theatre is sharing artistic ownership. With this in mind, I have found myself

Monopoly on Creativity

I have a mission statement. Perhaps having a mission statement is the providence of the young, with fire in their hearts and zeal in their eyes. Perhaps I should have mellowed beyond the creation of mission statements by now. Not so. And I hope you

Where Theatre Meets Gaming: Block Stop

Block Stop: interaction in theatre What if you could tell a character in a play what choices to make? Like you were writing the story with them, or directing them like a character in a video game. What if you could make life or death

We, The Artists

I don’t think The Institution / The Government (hereafter known as The Man) cares about theatre. Perhaps that’s not news. Perhaps it’s just something everyone assumes. It’s an important observation, though, because it says something about society. It’s a whisper that maybe, just maybe, art

Old Debates: Cleansed at the National Theatre

“I went to see Cleansed because I know that torture and brutality happen in the world, and I believe that it is crucial that art responds to this in some way. So I went to see what this production had to say.” The National Theatre’s