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We Are Artists – Connecting communities through art

Hello peeps! Today we’re happy to share with a great idea by We Are Artists, inviting London to produce a collaborative mural in Dalston. We Are Artists is a collective of professional creatives passionate about connecting communities through art. The London-based, non-profit organisation are hosting their


Electronic Superhighway: how has the internet changed art?

Hi everyone! Last month has been extremely busy: we’ve moved South of the River, and we’re working to make our This is Not Art magazine better and bigger (more news are coming ;-)! So I just found the time to update you about the last amazing


The Hive – A community centre shaped for (and by) people

Yesterday we’ve been to the opening of a new community centre, the Hive in Dalston. It’s not a new place, ’cause the building was already there, but it’s a brand new concept based on freedom and sharing. For the next two weeks everyone can exhibit


Adam Gray – My experience of being an artist in London

How is it being an artist in London? How have things changed in the last 20 years? Is London still the right place to be if you’re an artist? This week we’ve teamed up with Londoner painter Adam Gray, a resident artist at Southgate Studios, an arts complex (containing 12