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Sally Hewett: When Art is Not Just Pure, Unadulterated Filth

Who’s Sally Hewett? Contemporary British artist Sally Hewett has single-handedly changed embroidery from a cute retirement hobby into a modern, provocative art form. This is Not Art caught up with her about hoop art, feminism and how with the best intentions, art is sometimes referred to

Quarrelling with the world – Maruša Sagadin

In 1962, the Minimalist Robert Morris staged a seven-minute performance titled Column at the Living Theatre in New York which involved toppling down an erect plywood box half way through. Nowadays, the art audience is more familiar with his enormous Untitled (L-Beams) and sagging felt


Vagina Cupcakes and Punch: Contemporary Feminism and Art

On Saturday 5th March I attended the opening of Hand Maid, an exhibition organised by Sweet ‘Art taking place at Hoxton Arches Gallery from 6th – 9th March 2016 . Founded in 2012 Sweet ‘Art aims to create a network that promotes artists from all

natalie_ryde pen on acid free cartridge

Natalie Ryde: The Other, Other Way

The latest systemic drawings of London-based artist Natalie Ryde, installed in the airy multi-functional space at Carousel, stand in stark contrast to loud chatter, dazzling lights and psychedelic rides that we usually associate with fun fair rides. The nine works, assembled in the exhibition ‘The


Will technology be essential in art? A discussion with Nick Rothwell

How much is technology influencing art? This is a tough topic but also really important for me, as truly passionate by about art and technology I think the contamination is there. Technology is already part of our lives, we can’t do much without it and I think it’s


Franko B – Mind and body

Another Italian in London? Yes, of course! But here we promise you: he’s really different from all the other ones: Franko B! 1) Why and how did you move to UK? Was it easier in London than in Italy also that time? I come to


Adam Gray – My experience of being an artist in London

How is it being an artist in London? How have things changed in the last 20 years? Is London still the right place to be if you’re an artist? This week we’ve teamed up with Londoner painter Adam Gray, a resident artist at Southgate Studios, an arts complex (containing 12


8 questions journey into Georgian contemporary art

[This is the English version. Click here for the Italian one] One of the most amazing thing we love living in London is the bunch of opportunities you have if you want to learn a bit more about our world, being London much more than only


Flowers from the ground- Friederike Zeit

We’d like to introduce you in the magic world of clay thanks to Friederike Zeit, an amazing woman and artist we met at the International Clay Symposium of Deidesheim we attended with our friends, Sprout Art. And with her, we are happy to celebrate our first English interview!