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Luca Vullo: I am Italian and I can’t keep calm

Hi everyone! This week we’ll talk about Luca Vullo, an Italian director based in London leading INFLUX,  a project to describe the new Italian diaspora in the UK. INFLUX aims to gather all different stories, including dreams, joys and opportunities. But, let’s ask him directly! [Read the

Sultan Bathery- Psychedelic Hinduism made in Vicenza

Hello guys! Don’t worry, this time we’re not going to talk about International bands, well, maybe yes. But, let me explain this. They’re Italian, from Vicenza (our city!) but they took inspiration for their name from an Indian city, Sulan Bathery. Thanks to Slovenly recordings, their American


Timrek – A celebrity in Hackney Wick

We are glad to introduce you a celebrity from Hackney Wick, TIMREK! With the help of his mentor, Oliver Smart, Timrek is performing in the show Suitcase Circus with great success, especially in the children community! He’s always funny on the stage and we get


Abdoulaye Samb – The love of [cultural] mixing

A couple of weeks ago we went to an event to celebrate the independence of Senegal and we’ve been so enthusiastic about the atmosphere, the music and the people..that we couldn’t resist to interview the group we liked the most: Abdoulaye Samb We hope you’ll appreciate this interview


We are not like most girls – PINS

Hi guys!Girls bands are back! We met PINS at the Old Blue Last and we couldn”t [not] fall in love with them. Here you can find the chat we had with: Faith (singer an guitar), Lois (guitar) – in the group are also playing Anna (bass)


Franko B – Mind and body

Another Italian in London? Yes, of course! But here we promise you: he’s really different from all the other ones: Franko B! 1) Why and how did you move to UK? Was it easier in London than in Italy also that time? I come to


Adam Gray – My experience of being an artist in London

How is it being an artist in London? How have things changed in the last 20 years? Is London still the right place to be if you’re an artist? This week we’ve teamed up with Londoner painter Adam Gray, a resident artist at Southgate Studios, an arts complex (containing 12