Questa Non È Arte – This is Not Art Festivals

Questa Non È Arte – This is Not Festivals and events are promoting emerging, indie artists in Italy and in London.
Our main goal is to create a community of artists, bringing them together for events and festivals in non-conventional places such as pubs, cafes and Italian typical Osterias, to bring art back to people.
People don’t expect to find artists in the places where they usually hang out. But art should be there, among people, where people are having fun.

All Questa Non È Arte -This is Not Art festivals & events


  • This is Not Art Festival 2017 – Personal Relations Festival 

To celebrate the opening of Personal Relations in Vicenza, we’ve organised a 6 weeks long festival at the Mirror Gallery in the city centre.
As the International exhibition was focused on the miniature portraits, during our events, we’ve invited music bands, film makers, performers to give their contribution to the topic, based on their background and experience.

  • This is Not Art Festival 2016 – Personal Relations Presentation questanonèarte-thisisnotart-event-Vicenza-september2016Tour

We’ve organised this festival to introduce  the International touring exhibition Personal Relations. More than 30 artists have taken part at the Restaurant – Osteria La Beccaccia in Vicenza, Italy.
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events by questa non è arte this is not art festival 2012

  •  This is Not Art Festival 2012 – The End of the World (La Fine del Mondo)

The last festival we’ve organised in Italy before moving to London has been dedicated to the End of the World, as 2012 was supposed to be last year of the world as we know it, by Nostradamus.
We gathered more than 30 artists, more than 200 people attended our This is not Art Festival at the Restaurant – Osteria S’ciavinaro in Vicenza, Italy.
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  • This is Not Art Festival 2011 – The 7 deadly sins (I 7 vizi capitali)

Our 2nd festival held at the Restaurant – Osteria S’ciavinaro in Vicenza, Italy was once again to celebrate emerging artists, music and performers around the topic o the 7 deadly sins.
More than 100 people attended and we gathered around 25 artists, musicians and performers from the neighbourhood.

  • This is Not Art Festival 2010 – The 5 senses (I Cinque Sensi)

The first edition of our Questa Non È Arte -This is Not Art Festival was to celebrate our artists friends, musicians and sculptures to give them a place and an opportunity to exhibit their amazing artworks, creating interactive experiences for the audience coming to the bar just to have a drink.
The first topic to link the 20 artists who gathered together was the 5 senses.