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Luca Vullo: I am Italian and I can’t keep calm

Hi everyone! This week we’ll talk about Luca Vullo, an Italian director based in London leading INFLUX,  a project to describe the new Italian diaspora in the UK. INFLUX aims to gather all different stories, including dreams, joys and opportunities. But, let’s ask him directly! [Read the


Asmita Shrish – Looking down on Earth

We are exploring more places in London, week by week, and we’ve been to Hackney Attic this time, at the Whirlygig Cinema, during a showcase of independent ‬filmmakers. We really loved all of them (especially because they were all women!!) and today we are pleased to introduce


Mizgin Müjde Arslan – It depends

We’ve met this director at Shorts on Tap, the events dedicated to indie shorts taking place at Juno a few months ago. As soon as we watched this short, we felt immediately something special, so the next step was meeting the director and have a chat after.