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Jared Xin – Hamlet

If you’re a Shakespeare’s purist, maybe this will shock you a bit, but classical’s theatre lovers’ will really appreciate this version of Hamlet, a melting pot of Chinese and European culture. The show embraces the sophisticated and delicate art in the Chinese style, thanks to

CoIL Series Interview #2: Paola Márquez

I met Paola in a Gympro[1] session in 2016. She claims to have seen me before, during an improv show – Impro y ya – in 2014, just before she started improvising with CoIL. Since then she has taken several workshops and participated in several

CoIL Series Interview #1: Amanda Farah

I saw Amanda first in an improvisation show around 2003, when improv was first gaining ground in Mexico. I later had the fortune to meet her and work with her. We lost track of each other and, years later, ran into each other during a

Lighting Designer: The Art of Collaboration

  I think of myself as someone who plays well with others. I pride myself on my ability to collaborate. This quality hopefully makes me a good director, because the bedrock of theatre is sharing artistic ownership. With this in mind, I have found myself

Monopoly on Creativity

I have a mission statement. Perhaps having a mission statement is the providence of the young, with fire in their hearts and zeal in their eyes. Perhaps I should have mellowed beyond the creation of mission statements by now. Not so. And I hope you