About us

This is Not Art aims to approach art in a non-conventional way.
Art is made by creative people. Technology is inviting and intimidating. Ideas are still important. 

At This is Not Art we think that art shouldn’t only be experienced at museums and galleries. It’s part of our lives as food and drinks. We need it in order to enjoy our lives as human beings.
That’s why we need to be inspired and  meet artists, read their stories, approaches and experiences.
People & artists are interconnected worlds, but sometimes extremely difficult to share.

The project started in 2010 when the 2 founders were living in Italy: we were surrounded by amazing people being artists in their spare time, and we thought: why not giving them the chance of being in touch with their audience organising an art festival?
That’s how we started organising our art events, where artists can showcase their works, promoting interactions and multiple approaches with their audience.

After moving to London, we thought: why not telling stories by artists from all around Europe? Every culture is different and artists have different backgrounds and points of view. Underground artists need a network: let’s build it!

We’re a small group of people working both in Italy and in London.

The founders

Alessia Camera
Music Videos Content
Diego Pillon
Actor Performer Creative Director


The Italian Team


Teresa Giffone  
Content Artists Exhibitions



Alice Traforti Art Communication Strategist


Alice Traforti
Art Communication Strategist



The London team

Geoff Williams
Theatre Director

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