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Sergej Vutuc – Searching for Balance

It’s nice living in East London, especially when you’re walking and you find out that a new exhibition is kicking off while you’re passing on. You stop and decide to get in, and that’s how this interview happened. Sergej Vutuc, living in Germany but born in Zagreb is a photographer who loves putting garbage between the light and the paper, scratching and interfering with the image. But this is not his only characteristic.

1) What do you like in photography that you’ve preferred it among the other art expressions?
There is something when you see – feel inside you and then you put your camera between your eyes and that object and making connection but also deforming through lens and own feelings again that moment kind playing with reality but on same moment be so unclear….sometime left to spontaneous of lights and chemicals and standing in between.

sergejvutuc2) I visited your photo exhibition “Searching for Balance” in Shoreditch and it seemed that the concept was not only intrinsic in the images, since you made shots of negatives and then zoomed in..could you explain it a bit more?
Thats what I like in photography and working in darkroom. That has so bright way of moving and making…but in all is very important to keep the feeling and  spontaneity…to don’t force it…I mean your seeing is different then my work… I don’t reconstruct images, it’s more that I layer them… playing with moments around in way of skateboarding or with massages from shopping bags which are already so deep in our subconscious. That we almost no more recognize… for me this exhibition start when I show to Shelley from Huck magazine my photos from the skate mission to Fukushima and I wrote the story about life in Japan 3 years after the Fukushima sadness. She brought me into contact with Jamie m. who already got in mind the title „searching for balance“ was like perfect coincidence…then I built my part going trough different moments images subject which from poetic to abstract way scratching the surface of our life and the way of building the history.

sergejvutuc3) How do you find yourself related to the skater community?
I was eight or nine years old when in time of Yugoslavia, in Bosnia was thrashin´ played in cinema and the whole image make on me had a big influence and later trough skateboarding and the punk community I learnt a lot about life and seeing the world. Today I can say that I saw many growing up Stepps trough skateboarding and sociality. And that aspect that skateboarding has nowdays very interesting position in sociality as one of phenomena of concrete modern time of living. Reaction and reflection of human never ending searching but also controlling as well subject of consume and image label… that’s maybe why I’m using so much of skateboarding in my artistic expression and of course I still need that pushing

4) Do you think you’re a balanced or an unbalanced person?
I don´t know. When i watch myself something inside myself make it instinctly into balance but i like to go over… and put myself into extrem positions or i just land there… few days ago i talk with my friend about it and i have a lot to say about it but maybe if i cant answer with yes and no, would mean that i am more balanced

5) Do you think your research for new things will never end?
That would be interesting to see. Universum is so never ending there is so much, it makes me more to feel collaping of possiblities.


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